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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Status Report #32

     It's been good getting back  to Unicorn Quest this week. I've been working on sprites all week and I'll be coding spell casting this weekend. I'm itching closer to having working combat and I'm filling in small design document details over time. Admittedly some details for the project coming after this crept up, but I just wrote them down one day and got it out of my system. Now is the time to get Unicorn Quest in a playable state!

See some interesting numbers and graphs below.

  • Blast Spell Sprites
  • Slash Spell Sprites (90%)
  • Pyre Fire Balls & Bounce Projectiles
  • Clover Attacking
     College Game Project:
  • Textures Added
  • Wall Collision
  • Main Menu Redesign
  • Studied Behavior Trees

       Things are heating up but I'd say it'l be another week before I get something video worthy up. I also want to code some GUI details (quick select item slots, spell switcher, pause descriptions) before trying to animate sprites and code how spells behave. I also have to reorganize things in Unity again as I make way for all the  features to come. Bugs will be easier to fix if my files are easy to find and my code is easy to read.


   It's interesting to see my active installs. It seems 20 or so people out there still have my games on their phones. I know my friends are enjoying Feed The Plant the most. I've had to resubmit the Samsung version multiple times this week because of problems it's been having with camera devices and phones with specific resolutions.

     Onward I go then. So much to do, you know how it is.

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