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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Status Report #34

     Making games and all that jazz. School is always a pain towards the end of a semester. There's three games on my development plate right now and there's nothing to do but crackdown and bust 'em out. It's a short status report this this week.

  • Explosions for Bounce Spell
  • Magic Bar Regenerates
  • Finished Shield Spell Sprites (Non-Transparent Versions)
  • Submitted Rough Draft of Final Forensics Report (Story for Attorney Game)
  • Started Blank Project for Forensics Game
  • Found All the PWAA Game Sprites I'll Need
     College Game Project:
  • Functioning GUI
  • Basic Opponent AI
  • Scrapped Tunnel Hugging in Favor of Simple Speed Boost
  • We Will Be Pooling Our Separate Projects To a More Stable Build
       There will be a heavy focus on school games these next few weeks as I finish up two game projects for school. I also want to get all the Unicorn Quest spells working by May 10 (last day of school) so I can have an impressive video up for people to see.


   I want more and more people to try Feed The Plant because it's so mesmerizing! I liked TriGrid a lot and DragCore is fun once you unlock everything, but the pick-up and play of Feed the Plant is flat-out addictive. I'm glad I know I can sprinkle out simple games like that from time to time whenever a good idea hits me.

     Not much to say this week because not much happened in terms of Unicorn Quest progress. This last month of school is tearing me apart but once it's over life will be sweet once again for a time. 

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