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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gushing About: Spider-Man 2

     Everybody liked the Spider-Man 2 game right? One of the greatest licensed movie games ever right? But people only remember the most fun parts. The free roaming around New York and stopping crimes. Do you think a game with only that in it, fleshed out of course, would stand on its own?

     With the new Spider-Man movie coming out I got to thinking about how an HD game with just the free roaming of Spider-Man 2 would be. There is something that feels great about that game that I wish was expanded upon. This could work with Superman too even. Maybe I should make a 3D open world super hero game someday. Then of course there's Sony's inFamous which I think handles the idea really well already.

     What are your thoughts on Spider-Man 2 and super hero games in general? Talk with me in the comments below.

     I'm trying something different with the gushing posts this week. A friend got me thinking and I realized that I spend way too much time writing these things. It's why I made it bi-weekly in the first place.

     I decided to cut it even further now and just talk about what aspect of the thing I'm talking about is the most memorable and shifting it to a discussion. I know I don't have enough readers to make it a big conversation yet but I think it's a good direction for the posts.

     Less time writing means more time developing a game. What do you think of this change? Let me know in the comments.

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