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Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Past Week Was Mostly Idea Time

     The amount of things that actually got done this week is disappointing, but as far as ideas go I had a lot of boredom time to flesh out the concept for the game I'm making after Unicorn Quest. Ideas that made me switch from "This could be really fun to make." to "My career depends on me making this."which makes me much more excited about the next two years of school where I'll be getting my act together.

      I don't want to put the game in any spotlight until a while after Unicorn Quest is on Google Play. It's just a matter of giving my current passion project the attention it deserves. I'm just bringing it up here because that's where my development time went over the weekend. I was typing furiously into Microsoft Word to squeeze all my ideas out as if my brain was a dripping sponge.

     I find keeping things in my head distracting so when I get in one of those "Oh! How about _ does _. What if I make _ do _ instead? Wouldn't it be cool to take _ and mix it with _ but  have it _?!" moods I just open up Word, dump my ideas into the organized GDD and get back to the task at hand.

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