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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crunch Week: Phoenix Wright Project

      I can say it now even though I felt it coming in the beginning... Never start a game project with only 3 weeks to do it when you could have just made a PowerPoint presentation. At least that's what my tired body keeps saying. My creative heart just wants this game to exist so somebody else will be inspired to make an even better one.

      It's due at 11pm on Sunday and I've got all the hard parts out of the way. With just a couple late nights I should have it done and off my chest. It's a bit more stressful than expected but that's mostly because the senior capstone got me so excited for the project I want to do after Unicorn Quest. There's also the nagging part of my brain that want to get back to Unicorn Quest and make it as awesome as it can be, but I'll have all summer to enjoy making my first dream project.

     Onward and steady. Time to get this thing done so I can prepare for finals with noticeably less weight on my back. I really hope this thing does it's job and makes other Gaming & Simulation students want to approach class projects creatively rather than miserably. And I hope I learn to plan these things out farther in advance.

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