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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Further Combat Improvements

     Something I'm adding to Unicorn quest before the next video is a satisfying critical hit indicator. With every hit on an enemy there is a small chance of your attack doing double damage. When that happens I'd like there to be a little action popup over the enemy that says "Critical Hit!" and vibrates. There's also the issue of deciding how leveling up should look.

     After a bunch of headaches when trying to get that to look right I decided it would be best to just have flashing golden hearts over whomever is hit. The spikey action bubble looked bad no matter how many times I tried drawing it and plain text looked out of place. This current way of doing it matches action RPGs like The Legacy of Goku which have gold numbers over enemies instead of the normal red text when something is damaged.

     Aside from all that critical hit madness, I'm drafting different ideas for what the level up fanfare should look like. right now all that really changes is your total magic points because you get more health Zelda style (from beating story bosses), your spells get stronger when you use them (like Skyrim), and you get higher defense from buying the two upgrade cloaks like in A Link to the Past. If that's the case I'll just need some sprites to pop up after battle and display your new maximum MP and some pretty lights exploding from Clover. I'll likely do the same for when a spell upgrades as well.

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