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Friday, May 16, 2014

Scrapped: Subtle Bouncing

     A very annoying and game-breaking bug came up yesterday. It allows you to walk through any solid object if you push into it for a second. To get around this, I spent all of yesterday rethinking the way I do collision and went back to the problem I had months ago. In the end, the answer was obvious (like always) and I simply needed to get rid of a polish effect.

    There was a subtle bounce movement when Clover ran that make her gallop feel more natural, but that movement pushed the sprite just enough to clip through walls. I tried putting protective fields around everything to turn off the bounce when near something, but Clover's collider ignores it. In the end, it just needed to be scrapped. I'm really sad to see this nice touch go, but I'd rather have imperfect character animation than a broken collision system.

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