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Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Disappointing End To An Interesting Project (PWAA)

The game is done and you can play it here.

     Today marks the due date for the Phoenix Wright project that acts as my forensics class final. From the beginning I knew the entire development would be a crunch, but I really felt that it was a necessary step towards making me a better game developer. It's finally done and the end result of the 3 weeks I spent on this is entirely disappointing to say the least.

    It's more like a virtual storybook than the decently polished adventure game I had in mind. Weak characterization, very little player choice, the illusion of branching, choppy transitions, and general low graphical quality plagued this project, but I'm still glad I made it.

      All of this game's problems could have been solved with much more time and care, but now I know what I'm capable of in a tight crunch.

      I ended up cutting so many planned features for the sake of time and energy that it barely feels like a Phoenix Wright game at all. I'm not even sure if I'll be getting A or B grade by the end of it. All I know is I gained something from this experience.

     I'm still debating if I should follow through with my plans of making a gameplay video and giving a download link to the files online. At this point it may be better to do the same thing I did with DBZ Brawl and post a download link in the video's description, then just treating it as another unfinished project.

     More on that stuff later though. Now I can finally get back to making pony RPGs which are infinitely more exciting to me. Finals week starts tomorrow and I'll need all the morale I can muster to survive these last school hurdles before the awesome summer coming up.

    I'll post how its inner parts work at  later date. right now I just want to catch m breath and separate myself from Phoenix Wright stuff for a while. I want to look back on this with eyes that aren't drooping.

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