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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Status Report #40

     Wow. I can't believe I wrote 40 of these things so far. Well I've certainly tried to be productive this week. There is a working level up system now, spells that get stronger, status effects that affect characters, and enemies that stay dead when you kill them. Find out all that was made and see them in action below!

  • A New Video
  • Renamed All Development Videos to Match Content
  • All Spell Upgrades
  • Reorganized Code
  • Status Effects
  • Leveling Up
  • Critical Hits
  • Clearing Defeated Overworld Enemies
  • A Basic Debug Menu Function (Upgrade Level)
  • Fixed Bugs (There's Always Bugs...)
     Lessons Learned:
  • It is VERY possible to finish this game. It's looking better every week.
  • I feel like a true indie developer now. I'm making a game that means the world to me, I think it looks awesome, and I'm hoping that it will make me enough money to survive the next two years of college.
       I feel like I just got over a huge hump in the road. There's one less big task on my list of stuff to do before I get to the easy part of making Adventures in Equica! This leaves audio, the text box system, scripted scenes, gem digging, detailed map planning, and boss design. After that It just adding as many puzzle and enemy ideas as I can before winter approaches.


   Downloads are steady as ever. I'm really glad I made Feed The Plant because it's doing really well compared to everything else. I'm also confused as to why my iOS apps are still available even though my license expired a while ago. No complaints though if people still get to play with my stuff (630 downloads?!). Maybe I'm so small that Apple hasn't noticed or cared and they have to remove apps manually.


     I'll be tackling sound next so I can finish up all my object templates and things. I also want to have in-game sounds and placeholder music for the next development video. Using random tracks is starting to bug me and I want you to hear the game the way I hear it in my head.

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