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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Work Station

     The best thing gamedev-wise about school was the comfortable work environment. In my dorm I had a work desk and I also had access to the windowless Gaming & Simulation Lab (which is getting a redesign & lounge area soon!) where I could work for 6 hours that felt like only 2. I also had my choice of a sturdy wooden chair and a spinning wheely one.

     At home I just lay on my bed. Tossing and turning as my arms fall asleep. If I'm going to develop all summer I needed a better work environment. I moved furniture in my room around in a way that let me use a short dresser as a desk. My parents took notice and came back to me with the setup you see above. All old stuff just laying around in the basement or at work.

      I can now gamedev in an upright position with dual monitors, a wireless mouse, drawing desk, and a scanner within arm's reach! This is going to be a very productive summer.

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