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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Status Report #36

     Finals week starts Monday and then I'm free to work on Unicorn Quest all summer. Right now my hands are full with submitting my Phoenix Wright game and my college project. Check out this week's report.

  • Edited Some PWAA Sprites
  • Saw Spider-Man 2 (Inspiration/Ideas)
  • New Idea for a Simple Unicorn Quest Enemy (The One I'll Make First)
  • Fixed MonoDevelop Bug
  • PWAA is Nearly Complete!
     College Game Project:
  • Menu Leads to Gameplay, Timer Counts Down From 5 Min., On 0 the Game Ends
  • Basic Enemy AI (Fly, Turn, Shoot)
  • Simple Ship Customization
  • Power-Ups Function
  • Submitted The Project for Grading

       The Phoenix Wright project has taught me a thing or two so I believe it was well worth the sweat and hours. On a macro level I now how a better grasp of how adventure games tick (first-hand experience rather than assumption) and on a micro level I learned how to fix a small coding problem that's pestered me since TriGrid. It turns out MonoDevelop (the programming tool I use with Unity) has a bug where collapsed methods open when you save and the toggle buttons go away until you type something in again.

      I always wondered where those collapse toggles disappeared to when I'm working. Games like this and TriGrid can get really hectic with all the lines of repetitive code going on so collapsing makes it easier to scroll around my scripts and keep track of things. It's a great new power that I'll be using from now on. I just really hope MonoDevelop fixes that bug soon because it's still annoying to have to re-close all the tabs that open when you want to save small changes quickly.



     I'll be finishing a few last things for PWAA then submitting it tonight. I consider it one finals week project out of the way. Then I can finally get back to Unicorn Quest!

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