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Friday, May 2, 2014

Cutting Corners: PWAA Forensics Project

     To get this thing done in time I made some very noticeable quality downgrades. The most glaring of them being the lack of smooth transitions, the static text, uneven lines of text, sprites that don't fade in/out, some missing sound effects, very flat/cheesy dialogue, and plenty of plot holes. What is intact is the information I'll be graded on and some interaction beyond just pressing the spacebar.

     If I had more time I could make it feel more like a proper Phoenix Wright imitation but I'm really swamped between this, other finals, and my urge to finish this and get back to Unicorn Quest. Some time when I get my grade back for it I'll find a website where I can distribute a ZIP file containing the whole Unity file so someone else can pick up where I left off or rework what I did into something much cooler.

Again, I'm glad this exists. I learned a bit from making it. But I'd really rather be working on something I find a lot more fun.

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