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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

iOS Distribution Certificate Expires Tomorrow

     This is the last chance to get my iOS games for a while. My distribution certificate expires tomorrow and my apps will be removed from the app store. Until I get enough money for a new Mac they won't be coming back. Hopefully I can get one in 2016 and bring my newer apps to iTunes when I renew my developer license.

     Wow... My first game developer's license was for iTunes. I remember how awesome it felt to call my self a real game developer for the first time. I also remember how exciting it was working on my first app (a Friendship is Magic "Best Pony" Slideshow with random vectors) and Fish Feaster, a game I was actually going to finish. The moment I got a game running on my iPod where bunch of colorful rectangles with scribbled eyes to swim around a blue background and ate each other, I knew I was finally going to finish a game. Here I am about a year later taking baby steps to finishing games I always wanted to play.

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