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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why On Mobile?

     I was reading an article on Gamasutra a while back and it got me thinking about why I chose mobile as my primary platform in the first place. I basically want to help push expectations up. I know it's a niche but I believe there is a place for people who want deeper game experiences beyond minute to minute puzzles. I know the need exists because I know I've wanted that since I first bought an iPod Touch (9th grade). A big RPG adventure that's playable in small chunks.

     Day-by-day you spend minutes here and there trying to gather enough gold to restock potions and attempt a hard dungeon instead of collecting coins to keep crops alive. I'd rather have a tough Pokemon match than beat a level in Candy Crush when I'm on the toilet. It's possible for a single person to make a game with SNES quality in about a year thanks to the tools out there. I see the pocket sized mobile devices packing the power of PlayStation 2's and think this is a chance for really awesome games to come out, but the majority of what's out there isn't appealing to me.

     So in short, I'm making games that I wish existed. That's what most indies are after too right?

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