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Friday, May 30, 2014

Clearing Rooms in Equica

     Yesterday I finally finished off spell upgrades and status effects. Now each spell has 4 tiers and enemies (as well as the player) can succumb to burn damage, paralysis immobility, wet electricity weakness, and so on. The next thing I jumped onto was managing how enemies respawn in the overworld.

     To keep it as simple as possible I made an ArrayList, a dynamic list with each scene's enemy names. Enemies are placed onto the room prefab and positioned by hand and labeled "E_(name here)#", then when the player wins a battle against it that enemy's name is added to the "Kill Off These Guys" list that is ran when the overworld starts up. They will only respawn when the map loads if you came from another overworld scene and not a battle or menu. This way is pretty efficient and allows me to dynamically add baddies to scenes when I need to.

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