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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Status Report #38

     First week of summer over already? And a lot got done too? This time out of the classroom has been great so far. I've made a nice routine for myself of handling blog stuff in the morning, working on Unicorn Quest all day, taking a workout break around 5pm, and watching a couple episodes of Attack on Titan at midnight. I have comfortable work conditions now (a chair instead of a stack of pillows) and I see production increasing even further starting today because I have no plans other than making progress for the next few weeks.

     Watch a video of combat in action and take a look at this week's status report!

  • New Collision System
  • 3 Enemies
  • Enemy Projectiles (Fireball, Energyball)
  • Spawn Cloud
  • Elemental Explosions
  • Heart & Damage System
  • Wave Based Enemy Spawn Control
  • Complete Combat Animations
  • Video of the Current Build
     Lessons Learned:
  • Don't Let Bugs Get You Down
     There was a point a couple days back where the collision bug was really getting to me. I was thinking about how I might not be cut out for making games alone if I can't even get collision working right. Literally every big game idea I have requires collision detection so it needed to be figured out.

    Like always, I overcame the bug eventually and the relief felt amazing. Coming so close to failure at odds that seemed impossible has made me come to terms with what I'm capable of. I will make video games for a living and I will beat any challenge that comes my way. I specialize in problem solving, but it only works when I care, and there's few things on Earth I love more than video games.

       I also got a nice and comfortable work desk as a gift from my parents. Game development has never been so cozy! Having dual monitors and a wireless mouse relives all the hand cramps I used to get.


   If you liked Yotes Games on Facebook you might have seen Feed The Plant surpass Fish Feaster Free and my most popular game this week. It recently passed 600 total downloads which means it became more popular than Fish Feaster Free in a fraction of the time! Even the game's development was shorter being a 2 day project vs a 5 month learning experience.

If you haven't tried it yet, you can get it for free here.

     Things are looking bright so far. I have a checklist full of stuff to work on and when I get to the bottom of what's written so far, the game will enter rapid development as I'll only have to work on things like level design, enemies, polish, and cutscenes until the entire game is finished.

     I'm making it in such a way that the main components are in place by August and I can just add rooms here and there to increase the scope as I have time. With this strategy in place, I'm more likely to reach my goal of having the game out by Christmas. It'll be for sale at $2 because I'll need the tuition money for the Spring semester.

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