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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Status Report #39

     Unicorn Quest keeps looking better every single day. It actually has a nice game feel to it now, as in it's playable and I can clearly see where the fun comes from. So far it tells me my idea for an arcade shooter RPG isn't insane (which is comforting). There's still a bit more to add before I go around posting a video of what I have on other websites.

Today I'm working on the spell upgrades (functionality of leveled up attacks) but you can see what has been done in the past week below.

  • "Bad End" Screen
  • Hit Animations & Knockback
  • SO MANY Bug Fixes
  • Currency System
  • Spell Switcher
  • Finished Shield Spell
  • Health Pickups
  • Item Spawner
  • Script for Wave Based Combat
  • 2 Development ProgressVideos
  • Improved Magic & Exp Bar (more visible)
  • Spell Icons
  • All Upgraded Spell Sprites (Levels 1-4)
  • Empty Main Menu
  • A Bunch of Other Small Things Shown in Video Form
     Lessons Learned:
  • I am actually capable of making a game that feels really good to play.


   Downloads are steady as always. I can't wait to see those numbers shoot up with Unicorn Quest's release.


     As I don't have much to say other than I'm still working rapidly, I'll leave you with a video than could inspire you to help change the world. A couple of nice folks are going through government approved prototypes of something that will change the way America functions, followed soon by the world. It's best explained in their video so I won't say anything more. Despite being very poor at the moment I donated $10 to their campaign and spread the word like wildfire. There's only a week left and their goal is just out of reach! I'm asking you to at least consider giving them a hand.

Find the entertaining and intelligent Indie Go-Go video here.

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