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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Big Change of Plans

     A big wave of conflicting feeling hit me a few days ago. It make me take a look at myself and realize what I am doing. Long story short, I'm making a practice RPG instead of the board game I had planned. I want to see what I am capable of at my current level. If I can produce an awesome RPG now, I know I can produce an outstanding one later. I want to make something simple, just to test out mechanics and get experience making that type of game. It gives me a chance to get a feel for some ideas I'm putting into my dream game. Most notably, the adaptive difficulty system I thought up.

     A good thing about being an indie in college is being able to switch up my project pipeline at will like this. I'm changing my game plan because I want to make sure my dream game comes out perfectly and I'm also sure that an RPG I put a lot of love into will sell better than a virtual board game. I'm not abandoning that idea either. The board game prototype was fun, but I do think it would work better when I'm able to implement multiplayer. For right now, I should play to my strengths and make a game I'm more passionate about. It's time to actually see how close I am to having the ability to create my dream game.

     I'm not going to put a date on this one either. When it's done, I can use it as an example of how long development for a game like that takes. It also allows me to push back the date I wanted to start my dream game because I'll be able to copy/paste lots of elements from this one.

    Another exciting about this is it's potential. If this gets a lot of attention I'll have a better foundation to put my future games on. I'll have more eager press contacts and successful app store items to compare my next games to.

     So to clear things up, my next games are DragCore, my new RPG idea, a platformer, then my dream game. I'm finishing DragCore first. Then I'm making an RPG, not my dream game, but a practice game to see what I need to improve on. After that I'll make a platformer to test out monetization strategies and try to attract a mainstream audience to build my reputation on app stores. When all of those are done, I will start making my dream game. I have plans to release DLC packs for the platformer over the course of my dream game's development to keep the money coming in.

     Things are very chaotic right now as I come up with ideas and I've already changed the game's theme and combat system four times. I don't even have a name or definite protagonist design yet. Right now I should focus on finishing DragCore before getting caught up in the followup's design. I'll post details when my brainstorm settles and I have a concrete idea of what my next game will be.

I really just want to see what I can do.

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