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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DragCore Loading Screens

     DragCore tends to freeze for a second or two when switching scenes. I think it has to do with the objects being created on the spot. I want to try new ways to cover up the lag. I'm debating how they should be, a loading image obstructing the scene before the freeze happens, loading a nearly empty scene with  load image then use a global variable to decide the next scene to load, or having some "please wait" text or symbol pop up in a corner.

     I think this is something to play around with near the end once I get a feel for how long loading takes when all the game's assets are ready and working together. I also kind of want to figure out how loading bars work. I have no clue how the measure loading completeness. It might even be based on expected load time, which I think depends on RAM. It's a complex thing and I think I should hold off on that for now though. DragCore is behind schedule and I want to finish what I started first.

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