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Friday, January 24, 2014

DragCore's Unfinished GDD

     I never bothered to finish it because it's all in my head now. The final pages of the document because my dumping grounds for spur of the moment notes. Game Design Documents are the most important tools for keeping a team on track and working toward the same goal. It's good to practice writing them, but this is a project I'm doing alone. If I understand everything down to the byte I could just save myself the trouble of writing 20 more pages and just start development.

     Here is the link to DragCore's GDD. I wanted to post a completed one a month ago but I decided it was better to use my time actually making DragCore. What you find in there is pretty much everything about the game and some concept art. The programming sections are empty and the last pages full of random notes. I think I'll make future documents more general and organized.

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