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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enemies By Accident (DragCore Design)

    Much like Rockstar accidentally inventing reckless police car chases, I made a feature of my bugs. When trying to get enemy behaviors from the DragCore prototype to work I came across interesting patterns and decided to replace the old features with the happy accidents.

     Orange and green enemies were supposed to dart away when the grid gets close. Now, the green ones only move when the player touches the screen and the orange ones change directions to move toward the player's finger's last position. The way I transitioned from one idea to the other is too complex to explain and I don't really remember the back-and-forth that took place in my head.

   Basically, enemies in the new DragCore are better than they were in the prototype. They are more varied and interesting this time around whereas the old ones felt like clones. When the game is closer to release I'll make a post with details on how each enemy works.

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