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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Baby Steps to Passion Projects

     I've come a long way. My goal up to now has been to teach myself what it takes to start and finish a  game. One that works well, no game breaking glitches, fun and unique mechanics, appealing graphics and polish, and available on as many mobile devices as possible. I feel that with DragCore, I will finally succeed. I will have a great game out there to point to so I have proof that I'm capable of producing something when I start my ambitious projects.

    All games I make after this have a somewhat ridiculous scope, but they are passion projects I am willing to fight through. I've taken all the baby steps needed to get the skill to pull them off. Now it's a matter of taking this personal final exam (finishing DragCore) and start officially considering myself a competent game developer. One that knows what he's talking about and makes games to get hyped for.

   I have 4 finished games to my name now. I've learned so much about the process since high school and my determination has yet to falter. My next three games are on a much larger scale, likely taking more than half a year each compared to the 2-4 month projects I've been doing so far. Each on of those projects has taught me tons through all the mistakes, process experiments, and discovery of development tricks.

    I've made 3 arcade games, next I'll be doing an RPG, platformer, and another RPG respectively. It makes up for the total of my college career. After those, I'm cast into the "real world" where I have to make a tough decision. Do I give running an indie studio a try, or do I put those dreams aside? I'm depending on my next three titles to tilt my fate toward the former. Excitement is at an all time high as I'm just dying to get started on those games. I'll be done with DragCore by February. It's time for the home stretch!

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