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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bite-Sized RPG Gameplay

     Playing the new Zelda on 3DS had me thinking about ways to make a giant RPG adventure feel convenient through bite-sized play. I want to allow players to enjoy short playing sessions, but still be able to experience a giant quest when they have more time. I decided a good way to go about this is by having dungeons in the game separated by room. Each room is it's own big puzzle, and getting to the next room is equivalent to beating a level in a regular mobile game. Something fast and rewarding that saves on completion so you can put the phone away at a moment's notice.

     Pop-in, solve the next room, pop-out just as commercials end. Get on a train, explore the overworld for a bit, level up, get some money, close the game as you arrive at you stop. All without worrying about being too far from save points or losing your place in the middle of a big complex dungeon.

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