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Friday, January 17, 2014

Working on Mach-Arena (The College Project Continues)

     With all the crazy busy things I've been up to I nearly forgot about Mach-Arena until Gaming & Simulation class started! I'll get to work with a team this semester and create a 3D Unity game for the first time. We'll also get to show it off at the big BYOC in May (hopefully) which could be tons of fun.

    This is classwork so development progress is pretty much necessary. Tuesday through Friday I have a video game class at 9:30am and I'll be posting when something particularly interesting happens. Right now things are getting settled and everyone is transitioning into school mode.

     I can't wait to see how everyone's games turn out this year. Last year's Game Maker projects were interesting but poor since none of us new what to do or how to work together. Things are looking a lot better this time though as we all learn from our mistakes.

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