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Thursday, January 23, 2014

DragCore: Combo System

     DragCore is about getting a high score in a hectic game of kill everything on screen. Players goals are unlocking content on a macro scale, but from game-to-game players should be looking to get the highest score and climb leaderboards. In order for points to matter and make sense, I made up a combo system to go with the basic depleting points as enemies touch the Earth.

     It's possible to increase the maximum size of your box by killing lots of enemies in a short span of time. As long as you keep making a number of them explode you can maintain a big box that covers a quarter of the screen. You get more points for each kill by keeping your combo multiplier high. The grid changes color based on your current combo with red being the smallest grid and yellow being the largest. I found that the more dramatic changes of red to blue to green to yellow looked the best. It was easy to recognize when your grid changed this way.

     Killing lots of enemies in a set amount of time increases your score-per-kill multiplier and increases the maximum size of the grid you can create. the game is set to upgrade the combo by  getting 75 points in 10 seconds then those numbers scale with the combo level you have. Higher combos require more points in less time. I also made it so that for every 1000 points, the hp replenishes by 10 (although I think I may change it to 10% for scaling purposes).

     Hopefully this mechanic will make for some fast-paced action and compelling leaderboard battles.

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