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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Status Report #19

     Vacation week. Almost nothing got done for DragCore, but I re-energized myself, saw interesting things, and came up with an awesome new game idea to work on next. Here is this week's status report.

  • 90% Done With Menus
  • Rested My Brian
       I've been out of town this week spending time with my girlfriend and regaining my sanity. I'm at a point where I'll be able to rapidly develop the rest of DragCore and finish within the first two weeks of school (which starts on January 13th). It's proven to be a good vacation. My flame is refueled and I'm more ready than ever to get back to work.

     I also came across some good things while resting my brain. I watched The Walking Dead for the first time (I can't believe it took me this long!), I saw the bonus features of Monsters University (what it's like working at Pixar) which got me hyped for my own career and future, and I came up with a new game idea that would be a much better replacement for my next game. I'll have a post about that last one later.


   Still mourning the loss f the data from May on iOS. I'll get used to it eventually.

    I'm a bit curious as to if ads appear in TriGrid on Amazon devices. It technically uses the same banner as the Google Play one, but maybe AdMob does not send ads through the Amazon marketplace, making it only work in Google Play or iTunes. If that's the case, like with TriGrid on iOS, I'm fine with goodwill for now to get my work out there. It's something for me to look into for sure though.

     As you can see, my iTunes account on App Annie is all out of whack. No matter how many files I toss at the new one, the old file does not get all of the sales data. No matter what I try, I'm just not getting my old data to transfer. It's not too bad. All that's happened really is me losing track of Fish Feaster revenue and downloads and downloads for TriGrid and Fish Feaster Free. The new data tracking starts keeping count starting June 6, 2013, not May 20th.

     It's really not so bad. Like always I'm glad I'm getting these trip ups out of the way now. When I start my RPG I want to know what I'm doing. Everything needs to be laid out perfectly so I can execute this one thing that will determine my entire career. 

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