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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Status Report #21

     Home stretch baby! I want DragCore done and off my development plate and into playtesting by next Saturday! It's been fun, but I want people to start playing it now. All the pieces keep sliding into place and I know I'm so close to having it ready for extensive playtesting with my friends.

  • Working Grid
  • Working Enemies
  • Coded All Enemy Behaviors
  • Working Progress Meter and Health Bar
  • Fixed Cheating Bug
  • Added Polish & Flair to Gameplay
       I found a little bug that allowed players to cheat and draw grids over the Earth, making it impossible for enemies to do damage. This wasn't a problem in the old version but with the way the new one handles collision I looked up the OnTriggerStay() method for Unity and resolved the issue pretty fast. Weird how I've never used that until now. It let's me check for collisions constantly instead of just once when an moves into a collider. It will really come in handy later.



    This week has been short and busy. I think the pattern will continue until I get DragCore off my conscious and get a good night's sleep. I aim for 7 hours a night but have been getting 6 or less all week. That's crunch-time for ya. The things we do for video games... 

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