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Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Week of School (Spring 2014)

     Things went about as well as I had hoped. It feels good to be back overall. Schoolwork is more tedious than difficult and I missed having people to talk to. I can play Smash Brothers with my roommates and see my girlfriend on a regular basis again. In terms of goofing off, I'm trying to get better at using Mewtwo in Smash Bros Melee for the school's upcoming BYOC.

     In terms of work, I'm get all my school business out of the way by 8, giving me my 4 hour minimum work time. I can finally feel DragCore coming together now that the core game loop is running and a little polished. My next big task is getting the Custom mode menu to work right and doing lots of playtests. I'm just glad that the hardest parts are behind me. I feel confident that this semester will turn out well and I think I'll be much better off when it's over.

    Forensics class is interesting and statistics feels tedious but it's my last math course ever, so that gives me strength. My other non-game focused class is "Discrete Structures in Computer Applications" which is basically logic problems and avoid bad programming practices. I just don't like that one because it's the type of thing you develop a sense for when programming anyway. It's annoying because it involves memorizing lots of symbols and lingo composed of letters, which also serve as the variables making things more confusing than they would be. I like the way programming syntax allows you to write these types of logic things, but it's just another class to tolerate for the degree.

     My 3D Modelling and Game Development classes were just as fun as I imaged though. Thirty gaming majors in a computer lab every morning. It's a nice way to start the day, except for the whole 9:30am thing. In 3D modelling we're learning how to use 3DS Max and in game dev we're executing the games we made design documents for. In my case, that's Mach-Arena.

     For my group's game project, we came up with rules for maintaining a backup stable version of our project and I made a pre-production checklist Google Doc to chart out what needs to be done, what assets need to be made, and predict how long everything will take. As the weeks go by we'll move from preparation to execution and start making the game in Unity.

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