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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Status Report #22

     Disappointments as far as deadlines go. Getting the enemies in DragCore to work properly took a week longer than I expected. I ran into bugs with the spawning algorithm I made before and in the process of coding certain enemy behaviors I accidentally made new ones that I like even more. But More on that tomorrow. For today, have a status report.

  • All Enemy Behaviors
  • Fixed Enemy Spawning Process
  • Animated Pause Screen
  • Added Enemy Counter to Preview Screens
  • Coded the Differences Between Difficulties
  • Added Particle Effects and Text for When Combos are Achieved
  • Changed Game Over Screens Based on if You Win or Lose
  • Have Preview Progress Bar Randomly Change Color Every Time Menu Refreshes

       I tried to have preview screens set up so that enemies would spawn in the menus and move toward the earth, but I just kept running into strange problems. I decided to simply have an icon next to text representing the number of enemies that could appear. I'm thinking about decorating the screen a bit more. Maybe I'll add a grid to the opposite side just to have something animated on the top half of the screen.

     Problems with my old way of spawning enemies were imbalanced numbers, index out of bounds errors, and items at the end of the arrays not being called at all. I scrapped the idea completely and made it so that each possible thing to appear would appear at least once. I'll be posting the details on that tomorrow.

Here's a look at this weeks downloads.


   Downloads are steady. Average days of 2 per platform and lucky days of 4. DragCore will probably spike these up a bit along with itself.

     I really want DragCore done by next Monday. It's not even about the self-imposed due date anymore. I just want it out already. To see how it does and to move onto my next project, the one I'm really excited about. Balancing DragCore, school, and my group game project is a bit much but I'll adjust to the workflow. It's already better than the hassle of last week. I just wasn't prepared for homework to take 2-3 hours longer than I expected,and I expected 2 hours!

     I'll get a huge boost in energy once I know DragCore is out there and I'm working on my first passion project with no due dates or strings attached. 

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