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Monday, August 25, 2014

White Outlines Are Not Finished

     There's a big time consuming thing I forgot to do for some of the new enemies and that's the white outline that helps them stick out from the background and gives that Paper Mario feel. At first it seemed like a great idea that was easy to pull off. To make it easier I even tried finding Gimp plugins that did it for me. Unfortunately the only way to get a clean looking outline is to do it by hand in MS Paint after upscaling the sprites to 300% size. Without these steps the outline will look too thick or the sprites will be blurry.

    I really dislike the effect now. Sprites take twice as long to finish this way, they consume 3 times the memory when I make them this big, some people have told me the outlines look distracting (characters look as if they're on another plane of existence), and drawing these outlines all day isn't quite as fun as making the sprites themselves.

     With the way I have things coded and animations set up, getting rid of the outlines and just being done with this would do more harm than good, delaying the game further. I simply have to finish what I started, which could take a day or too. So I'm not quite ready to import all the enemies just yet.

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