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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teaching Myself LLC Banking

     I keep thinking more and more about what my life might be like in 4 years. I'm currently resting on the idea of working from my own house/apartment in a dedicated room or corner for game development. I can't pay for any assistance now so I'm alone on this journey. I can't guarantee I'll get help in the near future either so I think it's safer to plan with what I've got which is myself and whatever talent or connections I develop during my last 2 years at school.

     If I want to pay myself through Yotes Games LLC I'll need to figure out all the various tax info around single member LLCs, figure out which bank rips me off the least, find ways to dodge Uncle Sam's really intrusive hands, and calculate just how much profit will actually be for me and not just survival.

    Every morning I'm looking through Google for more information on this (like a Dad reading the newspaper) so I can be ready when real life hits me like a train in 2 years. You know, because school doesn't think it's worth being in the curriculum early on. Mastering trigonometry is more important than mastering your finances.

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