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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back To School (Fall 2014)

     Funny how it feels like school is preventing me from developing my career while summer allows me to flourish. It's time to head back to school today! Unpacking, saying hello, and preparing for my classes on Monday. School day used to hold a different mix of dread and excitement when I was young. Before it was about school work vs socializing and now it's about schoolwork vs freedom from parents.

   There will be a lot less dev time but I'll be putting my time to good use based on my Junior Year Plan. I'll also be taking it easy the first week back to rest up and get ready for the tough fall season ahead of me. I know this will finally be m year. The one where I prove to myself I can be the me I envisioned when I was working as a cashier saving up to make my first little iPhone app...

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