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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Study & Play: Pokemon Platinum

     I've revisited Pokemon Platinum last week to get a feel for this Pokemon game I haven't played since launch. I've been playing it while eating, waiting, before bed, etc. for a full week now. Since my Mobile class game is Pokemon based I figured I might pick up some small details or ideas by just playing it and having some eureka moments like I had playing InFamous a month before. The main thing I'm noticing now are it's flaws and how much my take on it would be perfectly suited for me. My biggest gripe with Platinum in particular is all the waiting and grinding. Those really plague the whole series but I think Gen 4 was where it was at its worst. It really just makes me want to make my game more just so I have something really fun to play.

     I think I'll stop posting Gushing About posts until further notice. I really don't want to force myself to do them and eat up hours of work that could go toward getting this heap of Unicorn Training work done. Almost done with those pesky dungeon maps!

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