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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unicorn Training Development Video #17 (Big Fat Video of Everything So Far)

     This one shows off the new ability to walk room to room and interact with things and ponies. Take a look at all the scenery and color palettes of the places you'll be exploring. It's a huge 10 minute video that shows a chunk of every interesting thing there is so far. It's basically everything from yesterday's post in video form so catch it on YouTube!

     The big thing to notice is the small number of enemies. I'll be making tons more to populate this ghost town of a world soon. This video took all day to make because I made so many recording mistakes and kept encountering bugs I needed  to fix immediately.

     Overall it was a good exercise in taking tons of footage and separating the interesting stuff from the filler and editing a video to keep you from wanting to skip ahead. If I want to make a trailer at some point I need to find a way to turn an hour of footage into 90 seconds that shows off every interesting bit. I think I'll make a practice trailer/sizzle reel of all the enemies in my next development video.

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