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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wishful Thinking For My App Making Career

     Something that haunts me daily is the fact that I'm not making money off my hours of work and won't be for quite a bit longer. I see it as a long-term investment where working somewhere part-time will get me hundreds of dollars in the short-term at the price of misery on top of stress from working on my indie games. Working around the clock on my games multiplies the rate at which I'm improving which could get me to the point of creating something fantastic sooner, allowing me to make a living right after graduation.

     It's risky and insane, but I know I have something few people in the world have. A very real chance of making it big by chasing my dream. I know I have talent because I willed it into existence with practice. With the appstores getting harder and harder to survive in it seems like I'm setting myself up for failure. Despite it all I truly believe I can be the one who makes games that bring back the quality Gameboy/SNES titles lived up to and put games that grand on smartphones. I believe Flappy Bird could coexist with games like Pokemon and Shovel Knight if developers can see examples of the latter climbing the charts.

     Premium apps available at a set price. No gimmicks or trends to copy. No sense of being ripped off. Just games like any other console. Mobile doesn't have to drown in shovelware.

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