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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Status Report #52 (College Fall 2014)

     I've been productive in term of settling in and catching my breath this week. Starting Monday things get serious and I'm expecting tons of homework to try and drown me out. That's when I'll really be able to gauge how much time I have to be truly productive. Check out this week's download rates though!

  • Settled Into School
     Lessons Learned:
  • School Still Feels Like A Waste Of Time, Money, and Energy
       Whenever we do those class introductions where we talk about ourselves I feel a bit more confident each successive year. My path is clearing up all the time and I get a better feel for who I'll be in 5 years. I really do pity all the folks finding a job for survival's sake and not chasing a dream (or usually even have one at all). Not everyone is in a position where that risky leap is possible and some just don't think the risk is worthwhile. I'm confident and proud of where I am, where I came from, and what I'm going to do because I know for a fact that I wouldn't rather be anyone else.


   Steady as she goes.

      After Unicorn Training comes out I can stop doing daily blog posts which will save me a pretty nice chunk of time while taking one extra stress source off. Doing just 2 a week will boost my morale. I like being the dev people can check in on all the time because there are devs I like checking in on all the time.

     Whenever I message people who have heard of me or I see someone mention Unicorn Training anywhere I feel really good about what I'm doing. It turns out some friends of mine have been following my blog all summer too which is nice.

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