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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Studying Accounting (For An Indie Studio)

     Even if I'm paying someone to do it for me I should have a strong grasp on financial accounting. I plan on running a business one day and knowledge of the "boring stuff" and "hard parts" are necessary for ultimate survival and happiness. If I want to exclude shifty business partners and investors solely looking for profits I need to handle all the business stuff for Yotes Games. By the looks of things (and I'm talking vague estimates here) I'll need to prepare to move to Florida and work with 2 other developers (an art dev and an audio dev) and save a total of $234,000 to get started. That's $100K to satisfy my school debts and $134K to sustain one year of business.

    It's an absurd goal but I'm dumb/naive enough to chase it. In terms of accounting studies though I'm reading my school textbook which came in early during downtime throughout the day. Usually when I'm eating, first waking up, or waiting for my computer to turn on. If I get a head-start on class it'll come as a useful review when I hear the teacher go over it. I want to be as good at this stuff as possible so I need to know this book by heart. Even though it focuses mainly on a corporations perspective rather than an LLC's.

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