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Friday, August 22, 2014

First Week of School 2014

     I've been at school for a week now and I'm starting to settle into a school routine that can maximize my game development time this semester. Things are going as I expected with classes and reunions, and I'm already getting excited about how easy every semester after this one will be because of choosing all the hard classes early on.

    In terms of people to meet I spoke with some new faces in the Gaming major and saw a few upperclassmen I remember seeing around before. I'm in a cramped dorm with 5 roommates but they aren't the gaming type so there's not much to go with in terms of brotherhood but at least everyone's nice to each other. I'll be spending all m recreational time upstairs in my girlfriend's room or with my buddies across the hall.

The gaming lab was remade over the summer and is crazy high tech now.
     The good ol' gaming lab isn't so ol' anymore and I might be spending more time there when I'm in the planning stage of my mobile project. I like my dual monitor setup in my room so I'll still do dev work there, but I just like the atmosphere of this place. The new setup looks fun for class too. I don't have any courses in there this semester, but I already have my eye on the perfect seat.

     Class should be straightforward and I'll be working my hardest to get that busywork out of the way quickly. The only class I'm finding useful right now is the Financial Accounting class which is a way of forcing me to understand how money handling works. Even the teacher is going at it with the perspective of business management. Other classes are just as daunting as I was expecting and 4 hours of physics each Monday may very well end me, but I'll survive this semester and laugh because all my classes get easier from here.

     The pressure is on to get the hardest part behind me because I'll be needed to focus more on my own game projects as I approach graduation. Ancestors give me strength, because I'll be needing it until January.

The lab comes with a lounge now too. With a TV perfect for testing.